Sends you a notification when a U.S. drone strike is reported in the news. Coded the most recent for 's Metadata app. Apple removed the iOS version from the App Store, and it's currently down from Google Play as well. You can see an archive of the Google Play page here.

Mapping police killings

Unarmed and armed. Grandparents and children. Black and white. How did they die? What were their names?

Chrome extension

Replaces some words that are predictably used to dehumanize people with different words that are more humanizing.

Interview with Alexander Niculescu and Peter Phalen about genetic/clinical android application

Suicide risk assessment

This app has been used in combination with biomarker data to predict suicidality among people with mental health diagnoses. The project attracted some press.


Map of West Africa

Global mental health

European-style mental healthcare has had to adapt to West Africa, where traditional healers typically get more respect than psychiatrists.

Psychiatric restraints

Psychiatric restraints

In hospitals across the USA, emotionally distressed patients are regularly cuffed and strapped to chairs, sometimes for hours. In Guinea this doesn't really happen. What can we learn?

A French character


Two French translations published into the public domain for Project Gutenberg. They're available for free and accessible on e-readers.



The fentanyl crisis

Indianapolis has seen an explosion in lethal Fentanyl overdoses since 2014, overtaking heroin. We obtained data on every lethal overdose in the city for the past 7 years and started modeling these trends using Bayesian multilevel techniques. Now published in Addictive Behaviors.

Clinical Psychology ResearchGate

Clinical psychology research

Community mental health. The social dynamics of psychosis. Psychosocial interventions. Clinical + genetic risk assessment. &c.

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